Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens

Last weekend, Shopping at Tiffany's was lucky enough to dress the contestants for Miss Singapore International and Miss Singapore Supranational 2016, for a fashion show at The Singapore Turf Club.


Contestants on the runway in Shopping at Tiffany's outfits


We caught up with the 2015 exiting winners of the pageants, Roxanne (Miss Singapore International 2015) and Sharon (Miss Singapore Supranational 2015) about their thoughts on pageants, fashion and life.


Roxanne (left) and Sharon (right) on the runway at QEII Cup


Who is your favourite designer?


Sharon: Alexander Macqueen.


Roxanne: Berta Balilti! She designs my dream wedding gowns from her brand, Berta bridal.


What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?


Sharon: My little black dress. A classic!


Roxanne: A blue long evening gown from Bebe that I wore to the 56th Grammys in LA.


Roxanne in a Jetset Diaries black maxi



What is your most prized possession?


Sharon: My Jeffree Star Lipstick collection.


Roxanne: A full stamp collection that my late uncle bought for me.


How have you spent your year of being Miss Singapore Supranational and Miss Singapore International?


Sharon: I spent the year being the same me, but spending more time doing volunteer work as and when time permits. Also spent more time planning the coming pageant too!


Roxanne: I have met so many people from different walks of life. And being Miss Singapore international, I learnt the importance of image and confidence. There are people who look up to me, and I want to guide and inspire them. 


What is your favourite food?


Sharon: Sashimi!


Roxanne: Steak and fries!


What makes you laugh?


Sharon: Other peoples' laughter!


Roxanne: Being able to do the thing I love! Like modeling (:


What are your must-have-in-my-handbag items?


Sharon: My Jeffree Star lipstick, Maybelline compact powder, foundation, cellphone and Important cards.


Roxanne: My compact powder! 


What is your favourite holiday destination?


Sharon: Maldives. It is too beautiful there to only go once.


Roxanne: Either a very beautiful private beach or a very romantic city like Rome or Venice. 


Roxanne in an exclusive Shopping at Tiffany's hat


What advice would you give to your younger self?


Sharon: Take care of your skin, gym more, and remember, those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter!


Roxanne: You are going to face a lot of challenges and failures, but don't give up and always believe and hold tight to your dream. 


What is your favourite thing about being Miss Singapore Supranational and Miss Singapore International 2015?


Sharon: Knowing that I would become a mentor and role model to other young ladies, and I can help them build their confidence to achieve their dreams.


Roxanne: It's organised by a non-profit charity organisation. Everyone here volunteers their time and effort to transform the girls into potential queens.


All photos supplied courtesy of Singapore Women's Association

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