Mothers Day Q & A

Mothers Day Q & A

You may have noticed a Mothers Day theme to our instagram feed this week... Mothers & Daughters who we like and admire. Well, we couldn't let the actual day go by without featuring our very own Tiffany Maughan from Shopping at Tiffanys, and her beautiful daughter, Mackenzie.


Tiffany & Mackenzie


We caught up with them over lunch to pick their brains about fashion, travel... and pasta.


Who is your favourite designer?


Tiffany: Halston, and Sass & Bide


Mackenzie: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsson. They always look great and I love their clothes.


Which celebrity style do you admire the most?


Tiffany: Blake Lively, I really love her style, she always looks amazing. Olivia Palermo always looks gorgeous too.


Mackenzie: Taylor Swift - by far my favourite celebrity style. Especially the blue dress that she wore to the Grammys last year. I also love Kendall Jenner she always looks really good. Her dress at the Met Gala this year looked amazing.


Kendall Jenner - Met Gala 2016


What item of clothing in your wardrobe could you not live without?


Tiffany: I know that Mackenzie's item would be a little black dress... she has so many of them!


Mackenzie: Yes, I love them! I'm also really loving more of a boho style at the moment. Crop tops with high waisted suede pants look really good. I also really love body suits at the moment too.


Tiffany: my favourite piece of clothing would be a Sass & Bide silver skirt that I have. It's a long maxi which knots up at the front. I also have some high-waisted wide leg pants with a split at the side - they look great with wedges.


What is your most prized possession?


Tiffany: my children and husband, my dog... and my diamonds!


Mackenzie: my family


Where in the world would you most like to live?


Both: New York!


Mackenzie: I would love to live there - I will one day! I just love the whole atmosphere when you're walking around. Walking around Times Square is better than Disneyland. There's always something going on.


What is your favourite food?


Tiffany: (pointing to Mackenzie's chocolate milkshake and pasta dish) that's hers! She loves it.


Mackenzie: No, Mum don't say that! I love salad and water and a good protein shake.


Tiffany: My favourite food would probably be Italian.


Mackenzie: Oh I know her favourite food.. bruschetta.. she always asks for it in a restaurant!


Tiffany: That's true. I also love Chop Suey restaurant - anything from there is amazing.


What makes you cry:


Both: The Notebook!


What makes you laugh:


Tiffany: Mackenzie makes me laugh all the time, she's hilarious.


Mackenzie: Mum laughs when I show her movie clips on Youtube... remember when the dog ate the butterfly? (bursts into laughter)


What is your favourite thing about each other:


Mackenzie: I love everything about Mum, but if I had to pick one thing it would be her eyes. Because they are really blue and pretty.


Tiffany: I love everything about Mackenzie too; she's hilarious. She talks a lot.


Mackenzie: I do, that's true. Sometimes too much!


Tiffany: I love how you sing, your voice... everything!


How will you celebrate Mothers Day this year?


Tiffany: probably dropping off my children at a few rounds of touch rugby, soccer...


Mackenzie: but then after that we'll go for lunch somewhere. Then we'll maybe watch a movie. We want to see the "Mothers Day" movie at the cinema. And there might be a few surprises for Mum that she doesn't know about...


Tiffany & Mackenzie

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